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Reducing NOx in the Most Cost Effective Way: PC Low-NOx Systems

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NOx emission limits throughout the world are becoming more stringent with many countries establishing 2017 limits in the 100-200 mg/Nm3range.  The IED in Europe, the CSAPR in the US, and proposed new regulations for most emerging markets are driving coal-fired power plant owners to take a holistic view of NOx compliance strategies.

It is not simply a matter of specifying and purchasing NOx reduction equipment, it is now about coming up with a strategy that makes the best use of a unit’s boiler, fuels fired, personnel, and available in-furnace and post-combustion technologies.

In this informative webinar, Paul Kazalski, Senior Project Manager for Amec Foster Wheeler, will review key elements of a comprehensive evaluation of NOx control alternatives in key markets.  Topics presented will include:

  • Fuel fineness and fuel balancing as indirect methods for reducing NOx
  • Technologies applied as direct methods for reducing NOx – Combustion Controls, Low NOx Burners, Overfire Air, SNCR, and SCR
  • How each technology alternative should be viewed in terms of:
    • High NOx Reduction vs. Cost
    • Capital Costs vs. Operating Costs
    • Incremental Benefits & Staged Approach
    • Space Constraints
  • How technology evaluation and selection provides the appropriate compliance strategy for:
    • Meeting Current and Future Targets
    • Buying vs. Selling NOx Credits (if applicable)
  • Does the best technology fit with the plant’s operational strategy
    • Baseload unit vs. Intermittent unit
    • NOx-reducing equipment vs. cleaner coals

In addition, a case study for a de-NOx project at Dalian Huaneng (China) will be discussed wherein an SCR system was included in the scope of a low NOx combustion system.  Using the US EPA-developed CUECost software package for air pollution control system cost estimates, the case study illustrates reductions in the overall cost of compliance using a combination of technologies including SCR.

Attendees can ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

This webinar can help you make informed decisions about NOx compliance strategies for your specific boiler. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant Managers
  • Operations & Maintenance Managers
  • Boiler Engineers
  • Performance Engineers
  • Plant Environmental Engineers
  • Corporate Engineering Management
  • Corporate Environmental Management



Paul Kazalski | Combustion Engineer | Amec Foster Wheeler 

Paul Kazalski has seven years’ experience in coal-fired combustion and is responsible for designing the low-NOx Burners and Overfire Air System at AMEC Foster Wheeler.  Additionally, Paul has experience as a field service agent for several utility power plants and has been engaged in many relevant R&D projects such as biomass combustion and CO2 capture.  He received his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2008, and has been in the power industry ever since.




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