Improve Plant Operator Training with On Demand Courses

Written by Luke Raithel, Producer & Marketing Specialist for Webcast Experts℠

The energy industry is constantly changing, developing new technologies and adapting to new regulations.

On demand access to information on the latest products and services is a flexible solution that allows energy professionals to stay on top of what is current in the industry. Webcast Experts℠, a division of Krishnan & Associates, offers a series of webinars that are available at any time, at any place, supplementing traditional training programs and increasing plant operator training opportunities.

Recent additions to the online library include:

SCR Catalysts and Load Cycling

Plant operators with SCR systems face a difficult challenge: the systems are tasked to reduce emissions in low load situations. The problem occurs as some areas rely more heavily on green energy sources, cutting the required load from fossil fuel plants. Plant operators are then forced to reduce load levels and load follow the green energy sources.

Plant operator training on SCR catalysts shows how the system can be optimized for low load situations. Plant operators will better understand the capabilities of their system, and maximize their pollution controls in low load settings

Advanced Boiler Instrumentation

As natural gas plants begin to out produce coal plants, many plant operators must move into load following mode. Unfortunately, the lower load requirements cause problems with boiler instrumentation, leaving the operators with incorrect or incomplete information.

Plant operator training on boiler instrumentation teaches participants how to read and understand the advanced readouts from their boilers. The course teaches operators the role of combustion optimization, and which measurements are the most important for power production and plant safety.

HRSG CO2 Blast Cleaning

HRSG parts become caked with combustion by-products, and over time, the by-products erode the efficiency of the system. The grime may also cause parts to break or wear our prematurely, driving up the cost of plant operation.

Plant operator training in blast cleaning demonstrates the value of cleaning, as well as the most effective ways to complete the blasting. EAI's course introduces the idea of ice blast cleaning as an alternative method of cleaning, and provides insight into the cost benefit analysis for a plant.

On demand webinars from Webcast Experts℠ are available on mobile devices and computers anywhere that has an internet connection. Register now, and gain access to the materials immediately.