Webcast Experts℠ Announces Upcoming Energy Webinars

May 29, 2016 – Stamford, CT—Energy webinars capitalize on the power of the internet to bring people from all over the world together for an educational experience. Participants can log into a webinar from anywhere on the globe and gain access to the latest product and safety information from industry leaders and experts. Webcast Experts℠, a division of Krishnan & Associates, specializes in energy webinars and is pleased to announce the upcoming June schedule.

Webcast Experts℠ webinars have been used by companies for a number of different objectives. The ability to provide live demonstrations of new products or services to an international audience greatly expands the power of a company's sales force. Case studies allow insight into market trends and generate important discussions. Training programs ease the strain of education on employers and open the training process to a wider audience.
In June, Webcast Experts℠ offers several energy webinars of note.

  • June 1st, Multifuel CHP Solution—In this case study of CHP options at the Zabrze project in Poland, Amec Foster Wheeler explores the potential for a new type of power plant. The new plants integrate circulating fluidized bed technology from local sources that can reduce the cost of electricity and still have a positive impact on the environment.

  • June 14th, CO2 Blasting Restores HRSG Performance—Accumulation of combustion materials on HRSG parts hinder optimum performance of power plants. CO2 blasting restores performance in a way that is cost effective and time efficient for plant managers.

The Webcast Experts℠ energy webinars are an introduction to new ideas in the energy industry, and keep industry professionals informed about the latest developments. Attendees must register for the event, and can earn Certificates of Completion that may, on a case by case basis, earn you Professional Development Hours (PDHs) depending on your accreditation agencies policy.

About Webcast Experts℠

Webcast Experts℠, a division of Krishnan & Associates, leverages years of strong technical expertise, industry know-how, and powerful business relations, with the purpose of producing cutting-edge webinars. 

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