Webcast Experts Managing Director, Ravi Krishnan, attended POWER Gen Natural Gas in Columbus, Ohio

August 26, 2016 – Stamford, CT – The recently concluded Power-Gen Natural Gas Conference in Cleveland, August 23-25 was a showcase of the industry's best new innovations and cutting-edge methodologies. Ravi Krishnan and Bill Looman of Webcast Experts, a division of Krishnan & Associates were on site to see the new developments in the market and discuss the opportunities that using webinars to reach the US gas-fired market present. 

The two spent time with many technology providers and went over specific techniques that can be employed to best achieve market presence and lead generation via webinars that can reach hundreds of attendees live and are provide ongoing market exposure through on-demand availability.

Ravi Krishnan, Managing Director of Webcast Experts, and shared his experience and successes in promoting and producing these events specifically geared toward the energy industry. The Webcast Experts team specializes in energy webinars and have worked with our clients to unveil new products to industry leaders, train employees or clients on the correct operation of their products, and to educate personnel on critical issues in energy generation. 

Recent topics of Plant Operator Training Webinars have discussed innovative products & services for the gas-fired power generation industry including:

Our past webinars are available on demand and can be accessed for free at any time on any device. Ravi Krishnan has been integral in designing and implementing the energy webinars program through Webcast Experts. He has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and business development consulting with a focus on energy companies. His expertise helps companies in the energy industry discover new ways to attract customers, while improving the efficiency of existing assets. 

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