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Maximizing HRSG Performance | Cleaning Through CO2 Ice Blast

EAI, Environmental Alternatives Inc, Webinar, Free


A common issue for combined cycle plants is deposition of combustion byproducts on HRSG pressure parts and other components which in turn can negatively impact performance.  These can be a result of operating mode, equipment malfunction, fuel or duration between outages.

The consequences of operating with a HRSG experiencing gas side fouling include:

  • Increased turbine exhaust gas backpressure

  • Reduced heat transfer in the HRSG

  • Excessive stack gas temperature

  • Reduced steam production

  • Tube and fin corrosion

  • Reduced MW output

  • Increased cost/MW

The degree to which fouling impacts your plant will vary based on the plant design, operating mode, maintenance practices, plant location and fuel type, fuel source region and quality. Each of these factors will be discussed.  Cleaning your HRSG can help your plant achieve optimal thermal performance and maximize your ROI.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why deposits form

  • Impact of deposits on HRSG performance

  • Cleaning methodology

  • HRSG performance monitoring plan

  • Available cleaning methods

  • Strengths and weaknesses of various cleaning methods

  • High Pressure Blasting

  • Deep Bundle Cleaning

  • CO2 Ice Blasting Techniques

In this webinar, we will provide an expert overview of HRSG cleaning options and help you put together a plan to evaluate the cost and opportunities for your plant’s specific conditions.


Target Audience

  • Plant Managers

  • Plant Engineers

  • Refinery Managers

  • Performance Engineers

  • Environmental Specialists

  • Maintenance Managers

  • A&E Project Engineers

  • Performance Consultants


  • O&M Companies

  • Gas Turbine OEMs

Before & After EAI CO2 Blast Cleaning:

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Randy Martin | Vice President | Environmental Alternatives, Inc.

Randy Martin brings over 30 years experience in the power industry including nuclear and fossil generating plants.

Over the past 20 years, he has been providing expertise in cleaning HRSGs, catalyst systems and turbines using innovative solutions and methods. He has dealt with all major HRSG equipment and plant components for a variety of applications around the world.