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Specialized Maintenance and Engineering Services Allow HRSG Owners to Protect Their Investment

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Combined-cycle (CC) plants are designed to perform based on specified operating parameters and duty cycles.  Today’s power market demands can affect these design bases. This will require a higher degree of attention to equipment maintenance as the increasing strain of environmental regulations on coal-fired plants moves CC units to higher and more variable dispatch priorities. CC plants will rely more heavily on equipment OEM service providers to help address these added challenges.

Owners of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) in combined cycle power plants need to employ ongoing measures to assure high reliability, improved availability, and profitable operation.  This webinar by Nooter/Eriksen outlines critical programs designed to ensure that your HRSG investment is protected. 

Paul Gremaud, Aftermarket Services Manager for Nooter/Eriksen will be discussing key areas of focus for HRSG owners and operators.  Major issues addressed will include:

  • The basics of a successful HRSG inspection program (daily and every outage)

  • Cyclic vs. baseload operation - reliability improvements

  • Risks of low load operation

  • The impact of cycling and fast starts due to market price opportunity

  • Specific reliability issues – condensate management, desuperheaters, water chemistry

  • Life assessment tools and assumptions

  • Need for large capital projects – coil replacements, grid/duct burner replacements, CO catalyst supply and installations

This informative webinar will also address typical questions arising during routine and outage planning:

  • What should be accomplished during daily HRSG walkdowns?

  • What routine maintenance issues need to be addressed during every outage?

  • How to identify and document root cause evaluation of all failures such as deposits, corrosion, and other failure mechanisms

  • What operational modifications are important for improving equipment life?

  • What qualifications are mandatory in executing large capital projects - mobilization, rigging, field erection, CO catalyst handling

This webinar will provide important information to help you develop a solid strategy to protect your HRSG investment by improving performance, reliability, availability, and increasing equipment life. 



Paul Gremaud | Aftermarket Services Manager | Nooter/Eriksen

Paul brings in extensive experience in all areas of HRSG design, maintenance, and operation.  He has over twenty-three years of engineering experience with the last eight years as the Manager of Aftermarket Services for Nooter/Eriksen.   

During the eight years in Aftermarket Services, Paul has overseen the support to the Nooter/Eriksen fleet of HRSGs which now numbers almost 900 in total.  This support entails equipment inspection, failure analysis, engineering studies, review of HRSG operation, supply of spare parts, and supply and management of major equipment replacement.

Paul received a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla and is a Professional Engineer in Missouri.



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