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Hydrogen Cooled Turbo Generator Safety Practices: Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

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Gaseous hydrogen is well-known as the dominant cooling medium for turbogenerator assets throughout the global power generation industry due to its superior low density, high specific heat, and high thermal conductivity properties.  Worldwide, it is estimated that nearly 70% of all electric power generators over 60 MW use hydrogen as the cooling medium.  Hydrogen does, however, pose significant challenges to owners, operators, and maintenance personnel from the standpoint of safety, risk mitigation, and demands for increasing efficiency.  Hydrogen cooled generator assets demand close attention requiring proper maintenance and monitoring.  Even well designed and maintained generators can be compromised by major operational challenges such as increased load cycling, shortages of experienced and well-trained maintenance personnel, and extended time between outages. 

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Key to overcoming these challenges is implementation of solutions for effective condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.  Ideally these solutions will span the life cycle of the generator from plant start-up and commissioning and extending beyond the OEM warranty period.  E/One brings a primary-source status aligned with leading OEMs to address these issues and challenges.

In this informative webinar, Steve Kilmartin, Director of Products and Markets for E/One’s Utility Systems business, will give you the tools required to meet these market challenges. He will provide an understanding of hydrogen properties as an effective cooling medium for turbo generators and the safety challenges it presents. He will also review the best practices to maintain a safe work environment in maintaining Hydrogen Cooled Turbo-generators as well as protecting your generation assets. 

Specific topics will include:

  • Hydrogen Cooled Generators - Understanding the properties of hydrogen cooling
  • Understanding the Hazards of Hydrogen Cooling - Avoiding Hydrogen Explosion
  • Hydrogen Cooled “Safety Triangle” - Equipment, Process and People
  • Mandatory Hydrogen Purity Monitoring – Density Meter v. Conductivity Meter
  • Key Elements to Safe Generator Purging
  • The Importance of Dew Point Monitoring

Who should attend:

  • Owners and Operators of Turbo Generator Assets
  • Plant Managers and Engineers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Generator Project Managers, Technicians and Millwrights
  • Generator OEM’s
  • AE’s / EPC’s



Steve Kilmartin | Director of Products and Markets E/One Utility Systems

Steve Kilmartin , Environment One, EOne

Steve Kilmartin is director of products and markets for E/One’s Utility Systems business. Considered a leading expert in the field of generator monitoring and maintenance, he has authored numerous papers, including work as principal investigator for the “EPRI-Turbine-Generator Auxiliary Systems, Volume 3: Generator Hydrogen System Maintenance Guide.”

Mr. Kilmartin began his career with E/One in 1988 as an instrument specialist. Prior, he worked in the instrument shop at GE and also as an applications engineer at Mechanical Technology Incorporated in New York. His career has taken him in and around large machines, and around the world, for more than 30 years.