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Eliminate Ammonia Handling Hazard for SCRs Through On-Site Urea Conversion Technologies

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With today’s global regulatory environment placing more stringent limitations on NOx emissions for both utility and industrial boilers, (pending NOx limits in the range of 30 – 200 mg/Nm3), SCR will continue to remain the dominant NOx control technology. Ammonia is used as a reducing agent within the SCR in quantities often exceeding 1000 lb/hr for large installations.  Moreover, a great number of lower ammonia demand SCR systems (<100 lb/hr) (<30 lb/hr) are being installed in smaller industrial applications such as cement and food processing plants and institutional applications such as hotel laundries, hospitals and universities.  In all cases, ammonia must be injected upstream of the SCR catalyst and this often requires the transport, on-site handling, and storage of either anhydrous or aqueous ammonia with the associated risks of ammonia spills and liability costs for both permitting and operation.  These risks can be eliminated using an on-site urea to ammonia conversion processes since urea is non-toxic, non-flammable, and is not subject to regulations governing toxic or hazardous materials. 

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Don't Bring In Ammonia for Your SCR - Convert Urea On-site and On-Demand

Two proprietary and patented urea conversion processes are available from Wahlco, Inc. to provide ammonia on-site and “on-demand”.  Urea-To-Ammonia (U2A®) systems are designed for large ammonia demand SCR installations.  Newly-developed Ammonia-On-Demand (AOD®) systems are specifically tailored to meet the ammonia demands for smaller SCR systems. AOD® systems were specifically developed to address the ammonia requirements for a large and growing number of industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers located in “NOx Non-Attainment areas” which are and/or will be subject to Federal and State Implementation Plans to reduce NOx emissions. 

This informative webinar, presented by Bill Hankins - VP Sales U2A® for Wahlco, Inc., will address the specific ammonia delivery challenges facing both large and small scale boiler owners and operators where SCR is, or is expected to be, installed.  Specific topics will include:

  • Urea infrastructure and conversion/hydrolysis chemistry
  • How U2A® and AOD® process equipment and controls are integrated into urea conversion systems
  • U2A® versatility for coal, oil, and gas fired plants
  • AOD® system applied to stationary gas-diesel-and fuel oil -fired turbines widely used for power production



Bill Hankins | VP Sales U2A®Wahlco, Inc.

Bill Hankins, Wahlco

Bill Hankins has over 40 years of experience in industrial air pollution control equipment, Bill Hankins directs Wahlco’s Urea to Ammonia (U2A ® ) systems technology. Prior to joining Wahlco in 2003, Bill managed the Environmental Equipment Division at Chemithon Corporation. He received his B.S. in Environmental Science from Purdue University and holds a number of patents in environmental equipment. Wahlco has commissioned a number of U2A® projects under Bill’s direction such as a cogen plant in Los Angeles; four power plants in Saudi Arabia; an oil refinery plant in Abu Dhabi; four power plants in China; and plants in Italy and Finland.