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Engineered Optimization Solutions for Your Cooling Assets

Frédéric Anthone, SPX Dry Cooling, Webinar, Webcast Experts, Reducing cost of ownership



The greater part of the total cost of ownership for power plants arises during the operating phase. These are predominantly energy costs, but significant costs are also generated by reduced performance or changing operating conditions. Along with an optimal plant operation, adjusting the condenser specifically to your requirements can considerably reduce these costs and increase your net electrical output. Improving efficiency of power stations has become the need of the hour to bring down the cost and maximize the generation levels. This goes beyond mere optimization!

With this objective in view, SPX Dry Cooling, through its new ACC360 business, has developed solutions to gain substantial performance benefits by maximizing generation output and reducing operating costs.  As warning signs of degraded asset performance become recognized, selecting the appropriate corrective measures and applying the most cost-effective solutions are critical for maintaining availability and increasing profitability.

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This informative webinar will be presented by Frédéric Anthone, the Aftermarket Manager at SPX Dry Cooling and Christophe Deleplanque, the Manager of Technology at SPX Dry Cooling.

Specific topics covered will include:

  • Wind influence on Air Cooled Condenser performance along with wind mitigation solutions

  • Condenser modification or revamp: upgrading asset technology for economic and environmental reasons

  • Adaptation of dry cooling installations to cap energy costs and to address performance and changing operating conditions

  • When to consider the benefits of dry/wet systems or full wet to dry conversion to reduce mandated water consumption

Who should attend?

  • Owners and Operators of Utility and Industrial Boilers and CCGT plants

  • Plant Managers and Engineers

  • Plant Maintenance Personnel

  • Corporate Engineers

  • Corporate Asset Managers

  • A&E Firms: Project Managers, Planners



Frédéric Anthone | Manager Aftermarket | SPX Dry Cooling

Frédéric Anthone, SPX Dry Cooling

Frédéric is coordinating the ACC360 as well as the Service and Support activities for SPX DC. He has been in various industrial development roles for about 15 years.





Christophe Deleplanque | Manager of Technology | SPX Dry Cooling

Christophe Deleplanque, SPX Dry Cooling

Christophe has been working in the dry cooling industry for more than 10 years. Before his role as Manager of Technology at SPX DC, he worked as a Product Manager and Thermal Engineer.


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