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Is your voltage selection criteria for motors and drive system the most optimal?

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Electric motors are the single biggest consumer of electricity. They account for about 2/3rd of industrial power consumption and about 45% of global power consumption. Hence, motors play a major role in defining the Total Cost of Ownership in Industrial Plants. Most of the times, the selection of MV motors and VFD feeder voltage is being done at later stages of the design and is traditionally determined by:

  • The power system distribution philosophy

  • The costs of transformer, cables / bus bar, and switchgear

  • The availability of spare equipment

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This at times leads to sub-optimal voltage selection for the equipment and in some cases affect the frame size, cost and efficiency, which largely defines the total cost of ownership. Hence, various options should be evaluated before deciding on the voltage levels for DOL run motors. For Variable Frequency Driven motors, the criterion completely changes. It opens many more options based on the drive and motor combination. The best combination could be different for different manufacturer.

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  • The changing industry practices for motor and drive selection, with specific emphasis on the voltage level selection.

  • Why Industries are avoiding specifying a voltage for VFD driven motor and deciding on the combination which offers the optimal total system cost of ownership and ROI.

Who Should Attend:

  • Electrical System Design Managers & Engineers

  • Principal Electrical Consultant

  • Plant Electrical Design Managers & Engineers

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Abhijeet Somni, ABB

Abhijeet Somni | Product Manager - MV Drives | ABB India Limited

Abhijeet has graduated from University of Pune with a degree in electrical engineering. A seasoned professional with experience of over 12 years in various roles as Technical Solution Sales, Front end sales, Engineering and commissioning. He has been working with ABB for over 6 years now in MV drives and is presently working as Product Manager for MV Drives.

Rahul Gosain, ABB

Rahul Gosain | Manager - Electrical Design | ABB India Limited

Rahul has graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and thereafter has been working in the field of designing LV and HV electrical machines for over 25 years. Rahul is renowned in industry for his deep understanding of the electrical machines and has also authored articles in "Electrical Review" on "Motor Inrush current problem ‐ July 2004" and "Selecting energy efficient motor ‐ Sep. 1998"