What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar, lecture or presentation. During our webinars, a presenter can easily interact with the audience by sharing slides, taking polls and conducting Q&A sessions. Our webinars can be viewed from the comfort of an office, or even on the go through use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


How do I join a webinar?

You can register for a webinar by accessing an event from our Watch section and clicking on the Register button. Once you have filled out the registration form, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the event. Attendees can log-in to the presentation as early as 15 minutes prior to the set start-time on the day of the event.


How do I sponsor a webinar?

You can start the process by filling out our form on the Contact page. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly for a further discussion about your topic and goals for your event.


How long is a webinar?

All of our webinars are approximately 60 minutes long. The presentation usually lasts 40-45 minutes, and is followed by a 15-20 minute Question & Answer session.


What are the technical requirements for the participants?

For participating in the webinar, attendees will need the following:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Internet Access (either cable or wireless)
  • Headphones or speakers
  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled

Prior to a webinar you can test your system to make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements. For further assistance and information on technical help please click here.


Do you offer Certificates of Completion for your events?

Yes, we offer Certificates of Completion which can be submitted to an employer or state agency, and may earn you Professional Development Hours (PDHs). In the case of PDHs, please check your state’s eligibility requirements in advance, as some require course pre-approval.

For more information on certification, please visit our Certificates of Completion page.


Can I watch it on an iPad or Mobile device?

Yes, all Android and iOS devices are supported.


Do I have to watch the webinars live or can I watch them at a later time?

Our webinars are recorded and available for On-Demand viewing two hours after the live presentation. If you had previously registered for a webinar and weren’t able to attend, an automatic email is sent after the presentation has concluded with a link to the On-Demand recording. For a full listing of On-Demand webinars, please visit our Archive section.


Do I need access to a phone line to listen to the webinar?

No, you will be automatically connected to the audio for the webinar through whichever device you use to access the webinar.


At what time will the webinar air in my time zone?

All of our webinars are listed in Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time USA. For webinars produced for an international audience, the times are also listed in local time zones in the event overview. For your convenience please click here to know webinar timings as per your local time.


Why was I blocked from attending a live webinar?

Our sponsors reserve the right to block any registrant from attending a live webinar to protect their privacy and intellectual property.


What is a Request for Access webinar?

To continue to protect our sponsor’s privacy, registration to a Request for Access webinar is subject to client approval. To request permissions, please click on the event you would like to view and fill out the Request for Access form. We will respond to your inquiry within the next 24 hours.


Why has my Request for Access application been denied?

Your application has been denied because the webinar sponsor has deemed you a competitor.


I have a group who wants to watch the webinar. Should we register together?

Each individual will have to register separately to attend the live webinar and to receive On-Demand access, and Certificate of Completion after the webinar has concluded.