Webcast Experts Attendance Certification

Webcast Experts offers Certificates of Completion for attending our webinars as per the criteria outlined below. On a case by case basis attendance of our webinars may earn you Professional Development Hours (PDHs) depending on your accreditation agencies policy. Your full attendance will earn you a Certification of Completion from Webcast Experts.  However, it is important to note that we offer absolutely no guarantees that your attendance of our webinars will earn you PDH credits.


Webcast Experts Certification of Completion Requirements


Each webinar has it’s own set of requirements such as time and interactivity minimums. These requirements will be listed in the Certification Widget throughout the webinar. NOTE: If you will be attending the webinar with a group, please note the we can only validate and offer a Certificate to the attendee whose registration information was used to log in to the event. If multiple employees would like to receive a Certificate, please register & log in to the event individually.


Once the webinar has concluded and you have met all of the requirements for Certification, you will find your Certificate of Completion in the Certification Widget. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.



Webcast Experts Example of Certification of Completion