Webinars for Power Plant Training



Webinars are an incredibly effective and important marketing communication tool for businesses. Webinars allow your company’s presenter to reach and interact with a vast, geographically dispersed audience simultaneously. This benefits both the presenter and the attendee as no travel is required and it can be viewed from the comfort of an office, or even on the go through use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Have A Short Time To Market

Short Time to Market

Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Include Interactive Q&A Sessions

Interactive Q&A

Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Provide High Roi

High ROI

Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Are Availabile On-Demand

On-Demand Availability

Webcast Experts Can Block Competitors


Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Lead Generation & Scoring

Lead Generation & Scoring

Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Have No Travel Expense

No Travel Expense

Webcast Experts Energy Webinars Have Global Reach

Global Reach

Webcast Experts Webinars Have An Energy Industry Focus




We pride ourselves on producing high quality, technically precise, engaging presentations that attendees see value in attending. By working closely with the event sponsor throughout the development of each webinar, we ensure this standard is upheld.

The team members at Webcast Experts are extremely well versed in the issues facing the energy industry today. Our significant domain expertise allows us to advise clients throughout the process and assist in honing the focus of the presentation to have the strongest impact and resonance with the target audience.

The production team at Webcast Experts uses a clearly defined three phase approach in the development and promotion of every event we create. This comprehensive approach verifies all facets of the webinar event are appropriately developed, approved, and finalized at the needed time.


Energy Webinar Phase One: Planning & Marketing


Webcast Experts goes through a thorough planning process with our clients to make sure all appropriate topics are covered. The time that goes into the planning and marketing of one webinar is about 45-60 days.

  • Determine topic, speaker(s), and appropriate date & time

  • Finalize target market & database to be utilized for invitation campaign

  • Develop outline of the webinar presentation

  • Use presentation outline material to create a custom branded webinar invitation, registration page, and audience console

  • Develop & execute multiple invitation campaigns to target customers (HTML & Text)

  • Perform social media marketing

  • Send personalized invites to select high value contact contacts

  • Selective telephone follow at Webcast Experts’ discretion

  • Design automated registration confirmation emails & reminders for registered attendees including client contact information and downloadable Outlook reminders

Energy Webinar Phase Two: Presentation & Moderation


An integral factor of a successful webinar is practice. Performing a full dry run of the presentation with our sponsors is one of the most important steps taken at Webcast Experts. This practice round allows presenters to familiarize themselves with how the platform operates. During the dry run the Webcast Experts producer will take as much time as the speaker needs to get comfortable and allow them to ask as many questions as they need.

  • Determine if a third party introduction is required, develop brief introduction statement

  • Establish Question & Answer protocol

  • Perform practice dry run of the presentation to familiarize speaker with the webinar platform, timing, and presentation material

  • Review attendees to ensure they are all appropriate

  • Finalize webinar presentation & load the final presentation into webinar platform

  • Issue reminder email with attached outlook calendar event to all registered attendees 1-2 days before the webinar

  • Open the meeting up 15 minutes before the start time to let early arrivals in and have material ready to be presented

  • Introduce presenter and begin webinar

  • Monitor timing to ensure presentation will finish with enough time for Q&A

  • Moderate Q&A after content portion of the presentation has been completed

Energy Webinar Phase Three: Reporting & Follow-Up


A key strength of Webcast Experts is the in-depth reporting our clients receive once the webinar has concluded. The comprehensive reports covers all vital information including all collected contact information, duration of viewing, responses to polls, Q&A summary, social engagement, interaction in surveys & chat etc.

In designing webinar presentations we aim to include features that will give presenters data that can quickly be used for lead scoring and identifying highest probability targets. This enables timely follow-up with the most interested and receptive members of the audience by client sales staff.

  • Automatic follow up with attendees/registrants via email after the webinar with a link to access the on-demand recording of the event

  • Provide all registrants appropriate contact details where they can follow up regarding the information presented and dates/times of any future webinars that are planned

  • Submit final event report to client summarizing  the live webinar metrics and providing all collected contact information & interaction metrics