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Europe & Asia: Hydraulic Tensioning v. Heat and Torque for Your Turbomachinery Applications

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OEMs and end users in the turbomachinery industry are routinely faced with tooling and bolting challenges associated with traditional torqueing methods.  Insufficient and non-uniform load distribution, insufficient gasket sealing, stud thread galling, and torque spikes all contribute to costly, time-consuming turnarounds.  Hydraulic tensioning is a proven method that improves project turnaround, safety and component longevity.

These issues are common in rotating and reciprocating equipment in numerous industries including power generation, petrochemical, oil & gas, nuclear, mining, steel and others.

28 Simultaneously Pressurized Tensioners

28 Simultaneously Pressurized Tensioners

Hydraulic tensioning systems, available in both standard and custom designs, provide accurate, precise and repeatable performance, saving users both time and money.  The Hydraulic Tensioning System is suitable for most applications including high temperature, limited spot face, high residual load applications and can be retrofitted to existing installation requirements.

This informative webinar, presented by Eric Rhymestine of Riverhawk Company, will present several tensioning and joining solutions highlighting:

  • Tension v. Torque

    • How a Hydraulic Tensioning System will eliminate stud galling and reduce disassembly and reassembly time while extending hardware longevity

    • Applied tensioning solutions for steam turbines that improve project turnaround v. conventional heat and torque methods.

    • Hydraulic tensioning solutions reducing RAD exposure for nuclear applications

    • The use of simultaneous hydraulic tensioning of studs to avoid problems of insufficient loading such as inadequate flange closure

Attendees will be free to pose additional questions which will be addressed during a live Question & Answer session.

This webinar can help you in making informed decisions concerning new or retrofit bolting and tooling alternatives.  



Eric Rhymestine | Sales/Marketing Representative | Riverhawk Company


Eric Rhymestine is a Sales & Marketing Representative for the Riverhawk Company in New Hartford New York. Mr. Rhymestine has 4 years’ experience in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries. He began his career as a Sales Representative for the Flex Pivot and Instrumentation product lines at Riverhawk. Mr. Rhymestine has now transitioned into the role of Sales/Marketing Representative for all 3 product lines at the Riverhawk Company. Mr. Rhymestine has a B.S. Degree (Business Management) from the St. John Fisher College, in Rochester NY.