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Smart Technology Solutions to Meet the New BREF Mercury Limits

Amec Foster Wheeler, AFW, Webinar, Free


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With BREF for Large Combustion Plants (LCPs) slated for adoption in 2016, EU LCPs will have to develop compliance approaches for controlling SO2, NOx, PM 2.5 and Mercury emissions. For the European LCPs, it is expected that the new BREF mercury emission limits will be at least as stringent as those now mandated by the U.S. Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS). Therefore, understanding and applying the ‘lessons learned’ from U.S. power plants to comply with MATS provides valuable insight for European LCPs to achieve compliance.

This informative webinar, presented by Aaron Benedict & Stephen Winter of Amec Foster Wheeler, is designed to help European power plants make informed decisions about mercury control technologies and how they are integrated into new or existing AQCS equipment. The following issues outlined are some of the topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Proposed BREF Limits and Timeline for Compliance

  • Current mercury control perspective

    • Historical in US, MATS/what has been done

    • What we envisage is going to happen in Europe

  • Typical mercury levels in various fuels

  • Mercury Measurement

    • Flue gas in situ testing considerations

    • Continuous Mercury Monitors

  • Mercury concentrations and the importance of Speciation (elemental, oxidized, and particulate forms) and impacts of SCR

  • Compliance strategies and Solutions

    • ACI (ESP vs FF, typical system, typical performance, balance of plant considerations)

    • WFGD re-entrainment (additives & effects, optimizing FGD chemistry w/o additives)

    • Sorbents and activated carbon injection – how best to apply

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.



 Aaron Benedict | Proposal Manager | Amec Foster Wheeler

Aaron Benedict has been with Amec Foster Wheeler for over 10 years with primary involvement in the process design of particulate removal systems, mercury control devices and acid gases removal systems.  He is currently responsible for managing proposal compilation/content as well as the Electrostatic Precipitator product lines including product development, sizing and performance.


  Stephen Winter | Product Manager | Amec Foster Wheeler

Stephen Winter, Amec Foster Wheeler, Webinar

Since 2007, Stephen Winter has served as a Technical Project Specialist and Product Manager for Amec Foster Wheeler’s air pollution control group (formerly Wheelabrator) in Pittsburgh where he has been responsible for directing R&D projects, overseeing performance test programs, and providing technical support for chemistry, process, and measurement issues.  Prior to this, Steve worked 10 years for CONSOL Energy R&D as an analytical chemist where he helped to develop and apply improved test methods for measuring mercury in coal, waste water, FGD process streams, and sorbent traps in support of clean coal research programs.





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