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Choosing Fabric Filters or Cartridge Collectors for Industrial Dust Control

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Dust laden flue gases, process off-gases, and vent gases are generated from the large array of industrial process such as boilers, process heaters, dryers, storage bins, silos, material handling, blast machines, etc.  While environmental regulations often stipulate limits for particulate matter (PM) emissions for specific industries and applications, more often practices for effective dust control are governed by specific process conditions and a host of local regulations, safety and “good neighbor” considerations.

Selecting a Filtration System

Pulse-jet fabric filters and cartridge collectors are the most widely used devices for industrial dust collection and control.  In either case, it is definitely not “one size fits all”. While pulse-jet filter bags and cartridge collectors are similar in terms of how they work, selection depends on a number of design parameters.

In this informative webinar, Jeffrey Shellenberger, Fabric Filter Product Manager and Duane Reinholt, Standard Products Commercial Manager, both from Amec Foster Wheeler will review how both fabric filters and cartridge collectors are best applied for collecting and controlling PM dusts for a wide range of industrial applications. Topics presented will include:

  • Key sizing criteria for fabric filters – Air-to-Cloth Ratio and Can Velocity

  • Sizing of cartridge collectors using Face Velocity

  • Dealing with challenges such as hygroscopic and sticky dusts, hot gases, and limited space

  • Comparing total installed and operating costs for fabric filters vs. cartridge collectors for specific cases

Case Studies

In addition, case studies for two industrial dust collection installations will be discussed:

  • Ventilation of various processes at a potash mine where a filter baghouse was selected over a cartridge collector due to the hygroscopic dusts and moisture present

  • Indoor dust collection from a potash storage bin where a cartridge collector was selected

Attendees can ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

This webinar can help you make informed decisions about optimum selection and sizing of dust control devices. Register today to secure your spot in this free webinar!

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Jeffrey Shellenberger, AFW, Amec Foster Wheeler, Speaker, Webinar

Jeffrey Shellenberger | Product Manager, Fabric Filter | Amec Foster Wheeler

Jeffrey Shellenberger is AMEC Foster Wheeler’s Product Manager for Fabric Filters. He has been with Amec Foster Wheeler for over 11 years, and his experience includes product and system development, cost estimating, bid preparation, contract negotiation, testing, evaluation and troubleshooting for both utility and industrial fabric filter applications.

Duane Reinholt, AFW, Amec Foster Wheeler, Speaker, Webinar

Duane Reinholt | Commercial Manager, Standard Products | Amec Foster Wheeler

Duane Reinholt is AMEC Foster Wheeler’s Commercial Manager for Standard Products. He has been with Amec Foster Wheeler for over 10 years, and his experience includes project and proposal development, field services management, and construction and commissioning of all air pollution control product lines including fabric filters in both utility and industrial applications.



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