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Next Gen HRSG Design for Large Capacity Gas Turbines

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The growing trend of major Gas Turbine (GT) OEMS is the evolution of larger gas turbines (8000H, 9HA.02, J-class…) with increased GT output of up to 500MW and improved combined cycle efficiencies exceeding 60%.  These “Jumbo” turbines (≥ 400 MW) bring about a host of new challenges impacting the design of HRSGs. Increased exhaust flow temperatures, high steam temperatures, increased operating pressure, and cycling modes add further complexity to the design of larger scale CCGT plants.  These challenges serve as drivers for flexible HRSG design incorporating suitable materials of construction for these conditions which include once-through designs.


A Next Generation HRSG Design

This informative webinar, presented by Pascal Fontaine, VP Marketing & License Manager for CMI Energy will review the evolving design and manufacturing of H and J class turbines and the associated HRSG design challenges.  Specific topics to be addressed will include:

  • Latest trends in GT OEM Designs and adoption of CCPPs for large GTs

  • HRSG General Arrangement options: Vertical v. Horizontal HRSGs

  • Utilizing Tools: Cycling with Boiler Stress Evaluator monitoring software

Also addressed in this webinar will be answers to specific questions regarding the challenges faced in the integration of a HRSG with an H or J class gas turbine such as:

  • Increased exhaust gas flow, temperature and velocity

  • Increased HP pressure exceeding 180 bar for Once Through Boiler (OTB) design

  • Cycling duty for Combined Cycle Operation

  • Increased steam temperatures of over 600°C with stainless steel tubes

Attendees can ask additional questions which will be covered during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

This webinar can help you make informed decisions about CCGT HRSG technologies and design for implementation with H or J class turbines. Register today to secure your spot in this free webinar!



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Pascal Fontaine | VP Marketing & License Manager | CMI Energy

Pascal Fontaine, CMI, CMI Groupe

Pascal Fontaine graduated as a professional Engineer in Power Generation from the University of Liège in Belgium in 1990. He gained his experience on HRSG design and project management with CMI Energy, as Process Engineer for 4 years, Technical Project Manager for 5 years, Proposal Manager for 5 years, Tendering Manager for 3 years, and is currently the License and Technical Marketing Vice President of CMI Energy. Pascal Fontaine is the author of several papers and international publications on both Horizontal and Vertical HRSG technologies and HRSG cycling solutions for increased flexible combined cycle power plants.