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Process Optimization, Efficiency Improvements and Reduced Maintenance from Using an AbSensor Acid Dew Point Meter

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London: 11:00 AM | Berlin: 12:00 PM | Dubai: 2:00 PM | New Delhi: 3:30 PM

Operating a fossil fuel power plant or combustion process presents many challenges.  Many of these processes have varied fuels with varying sulfur content.  It is well known and documented that the presence of sulfur- bearing compounds in refinery fuel gas heaters, power generation boilers and other combustions processes can lead to the formation of SO3 and subsequently, sulfuric acid. 

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Additionally, the operation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) & Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) NOX control technologies introduces ammonia into the process and furthers the conversion of SO2 to SO3.  This can lead to the formation of more severe sulfur condensables, Ammonium Bi-sulfate (AbS). The effects of such condensables can lead to downstream Air Pre-heater (APH) Fouling, cold end corrosion and visible emissions (“Blue Plume”, “Acid Mist”, etc.). 

 In order to control the effects of the formation of these condensables and mitigate their consequences, it is imperative that the plant be able to predict, or measure, the severity and species of the flue gas condensables, thereby operate at optimum efficiency and protect the downstream process equipment. Unfortunately, “The calculation of FGADP [Flue Gas Acid Dew Point] temperatures is a multivariable reaction equilibrium problem that is neither elementary nor precise.”[API 560] and consequently the plant is forced to operate at less efficient conditions, to protect from the balance of plant effects described above. 

This seminar will describe an on-line instrument specifically designed to measure the ammonium bi-sulfate, sulfuric acid and other flue gas condensable, formation temperatures, evaporation temperatures and dew point temperatures, and real life data sets describing its use.

Topics covered include:

  • Acid mist/condensables formation

  • Measurement technology

  • Power Plant applications

  • Copper Smelter application

  • Refining and Chemical plant applications

This Webinar should be of great benefit to:

  • Process Engineers

  • Maintenance Managers

  • Plant Engineers

  • Operations Managers

  • Environmental Specialists

  • Plant Managers

  • Consulting Engineers



Dan Menniti | Sr. Director | Breen

Dan Menniti, Breen, Webinar, Webcast Experts

Dan brings over 25 years of experience in the application of acid dew point monitors in power, non-ferrous, chemical and other industries. He also has extensive experience in the product development, design and manufacture of process instrument technology. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MBA.