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The Importance of Optimal SCR Operation in Diverse Applications

Nationwide Boiler


Emission regulations driven by Federal, Tribal and State Implementation plans are presenting increasing challenges for achieving compliance for both utility and industrial process applications.  Meeting these regulations in the most cost-effective way, insuring compliance, reliability and efficient performance has heavy CAPEX and OPEX impact on the bottom line. With emission limits for NOx becoming increasingly stringent, “next generation” selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is emerging as a clear preference with new plant construction or retrofit to existing plants.

Nationwide Environmental Solutions, a business unit of Nationwide Boiler Inc., provides a long history of experience in De-NOx for diverse applications.  Nationwide’s CataStak SCR System is a strong consideration for ultra-low NOx solutions emissions compliance for both new plant construction and customized retrofit applications. After years of field testing on numerous rental jobs, and a multitude of various custom engineered projects, selective catalytic reduction was recognized as the one solution that met all Nationwide Boiler's objectives. It is economical, reliable, easy-to-operate, efficient and reduced emissions to single digit NOx levels.

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In this informative webinar, Sean McMenamin, Nationwide Boiler’s Director of Operations and Environmental Solutions, will discuss key considerations in making smart decisions for your SCR design. Specific topics addressed will include:

  • An overview of current and future anticipated NOx emissions regulations
  • Understanding NOx reduction control strategies and comparison of control technologies
  • Understanding “next generation” SCR design and performance expectations
  • NOx technology options utilizing alternative reagents
  • Operating conditions and their effects on SCR sizing, design and lifecycle costs
  • Case studies:
    • Midwest Refinery NOx and Efficiency Project
    • Northern California “New” SCR Retrofit

Who Should Attend:

  • Owners and Operators of:
    • Small Steam Boilers
    • CCGT’s
    • Refineries
    • Chemical Plants
    • Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid Plants
  • A&E Firms
  • EPC Firms
  • OEM’s



Sean McMenamin | Director of Operations and Environmental Solutions | Nationwide Boiler Inc. 

Sean McMenamin,   | Nationwide   Boiler Inc.

Sean has served over three years at Nationwide Boiler and has worked in the power and emissions reduction industries for more than 25 years.  Prior to Nationwide, Sean was VP of Operations and VP of Environmental Systems at Peerless Mfg. Co, Proposal Manager at Foster Wheeler and a nuclear trained electrician for the U.S. Navy.  Sean is a patent holder as co-inventor of an ammonia injection and exhaust gas cooling system. As a Six Sigma Green Belt he leads his current organization in equipment readiness with a focus on customer satisfaction. Sean has an MBA in Finance from Lehigh University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.