Vital Steps: 1. The Kickoff Call

Luke Raithel, Webinar, Producer, Webcast Experts

Written by Luke Raithel, Producer & Marketing Specialist for Webcast Experts℠

At Webcast Experts℠ the kickoff call is an extremely important step for a successful webinar. This is often the first time that all of the four critical roles are on the line together and it is a key step in laying out the goals and schedule for the webinar. Webinars have a lot of moving parts and the kickoff call is when the team makes sure that they are all synchronized and that everyone is set up for success. Items typically covered during this call include:

  • Topic/title, speaker(s), and date for the webinar
  • Target market to receive invitations
  • Date for outline material to be provided to Webcast Experts℠
  • Time frame for promotional activities
  • Date for the draft & finalized presentations to be provided to Webcast Experts℠
  • Date & time for the dry run
  • Competitors to be blocked
  • Interactive widgets to be used to increase audience engagement & return on investment

By establishing a clear plan from the earliest stage of the event, Webcast Experts℠ and our presenters become more organized and the whole presentation team will be on the same page through all subsequent steps. Everyone will understand and be accountable for their necessary responsibilities and by determining this up front we ensure a smooth process the execution of all tasks.

During this kickoff call Webcast Experts℠ and our presenters will go through a brief overview of what the overall structure of the event will be. We talk about how to effectively deliver your message through the medium of a webinar and address any questions you have about the process. By the time the kickoff call is completed we want our presenters to be comfortable with the process and ready to move on to the next steps.

We are always interested in hearing about our community’s ideas for webinars that they would like to present or topics they would be interested in hearing more about. Please let us know by contacting us!