Webcast Experts℠ Energy Workshop - Deepen Your Knowledge of Global Energy Technologies, Services, and Issues

Written by Luke Raithel, Producer & Marketing Specialist for Webcast Experts℠

The global energy market is deeply interconnected, and issues in one area of the world can have significant effects throughout the rest of the global energy sector. In-depth workshops allow you to stay abreast of the latest changes in the industry, and deepen your overall knowledge of energy issues.

Webcast Experts℠, a division of Krishnan & Associates, offers training and education workshops for corporate utility decision makers, power plant staff, and energy industry professionals. These workshops provide numerous benefits including:

Ease of Access

Finding a workshop that you and your staff can attend can be a problem. Traveling for events or conferences pose logistical concerns, and have limited options. Workshops at Webcast Experts℠ are completed entirely online, which allows you and your team to access the materials from any point on the globe. All you have to do is log into the course during the specified time, and you are ready to learn.


Going to an industry workshop can be expensive, especially when you have to purchase tickets for several different employees. Once you tack travel, lodging and food onto the cost of admission, the workshop is hard to see as a good investment for many companies.

A Webcast Experts℠ workshop has a very attractive price for the level of expertise and insight you will receive.

Global Perspective

The global nature of the energy industry means you need a fresh point of view from other countries, or even other continents, to gain a clearer picture of industry trends.

Through a Webcast Experts℠ energy workshop, you gain a global perspective on the energy industry. Companies from all over the world access the online workshops and during interactive sessions you can share ideas and concerns. A more diverse point of view helps you make better decisions for the long-term health of your company, and enables you to communicate more effectively with colleagues in other regions.

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