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Dual Flow Tray wFGD Technology – A Very Cost Effective Solution for Coal Plants Facing Tightening Air Emissions Regulations in the USA and Europe

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As the global power industry faces increasingly stringent environmental regulations, utilities and independent power producers are looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce acid gases and heavy metal emissions from their coal power plants. Adding or upgrading wet flue gas desulfurization (wFGD) systems can be a high value solution for many plants globally.

In the United States, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), and regional haze rules will continue to drive down coal plant SO2, HCl, and Hg stack emissions. 

In the EU, the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is setting new tighter SO2, PM, NOx, and heavy metal limits for all types and sizes of thermal plants from small industrial steam plants to large utility combustion power plants.

Amec Foster Wheeler’s Dual Flow Tray wFGD technology can provide a cost effective solution for power plants without an existing wFGD system or as an upgrade for plants already with  wFGD systems to comply with these new tighter regulations and emission limits. 

This informative webinar, presented by Michael T. Hoydick of Amec Foster Wheeler, will describe the benefits of dual flow tray wFGD technology versus conventional open spray chamber wFGD designs.

Specific topics to be addressed:

  • The timetable for U.S. and EU regulations covering SO2emissions

  • Explanation of wFGD dual flow tray design technology

  • Limitations of conventional open spray chamber wFGD designs

  • Dual flow tray design advantages

  • Absorber sizing for DFT tower and open spray tower for a 500 MW site

  • DFT technology for performance upgrades

  • Case Study of a DFT upgrade

In addition, this webinar will address several commonly asked questions to include:

  • Does adoption of dual flow tray wFGD impact by-product gypsum production?

  • What is the limit on single absorber sizes utilizing open spray chamber vs dual flow tray design?

  • What is the lead time for a dual flow tray retrofit for a 500-1,000 MW plant?

  • What can you expect in maintenance challenges specific to dual flow tray design?

  • Is there a greater propensity for scaling and other operational chemistry problems?

Attendees will be free to pose additional questions which will be addressed during the webinar’s Q&A session.

This webinar can help you in making informed decisions concerning FGD for new, retrofit or performance upgrade alternatives.  



Michael T. Hoydick | Senior Technology Manager, FGD Systems | Amec Foster Wheeler

Michael Hoydick is Senior Technology Manager, FGD Systems at Amec Foster Wheeler North America Corp. He brings over 23 years experience in design, marketing, commissioning, and operation of Wet/Dry FGD systems. He has a BS Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.





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