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Gaining the Competitive Edge: Improving Coal Fired Boiler Efficiency through Reliable Measurements

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Many coal fired power plants that were once base load units are now operating in load following mode due to the lower cost of natural gas supplies in the US.

Gas fired generation has moved up in the dispatch queue leaving coal plants looking for solutions that can improve capacity factors and profitability. Coal plants must improve heat rate without sacrificing availability or Air Pollution Control equipment performance.

This webinar, presented by Hans-Georg Conrads, CEO of Promecon, will highlight the importance for power plants to measure & correlate data, balance & optimize combustion to achieve sustained improvement.

Promecon is a solution based supplier of instrumentation technologies.  Promecon's instruments reliably measure key combustion parameters such as air/gas flow, and unburned carbon (UBC) and have hundreds of references worldwide.

This informative webinar will address the following topics:

  • What measurements are important to monitor for efficiency improvement

  • The importance of reliable measurements in the right place

  • The advantage of correlation measurement for gas flows versus other methods

  • The correlation of measurements to controllable variables

  • The importance of air/fuel balance in your boiler

  • Understanding combustion optimization

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • The benefit of knowing your UBC measurement

  • Using instrumentation to improve the performance of Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment

  • Understanding the technology of real time particulate fineness measurements

  • Understanding air flow measurements technologies for primary, secondary, tertiary and over fire air (OFA)

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Hans-Georg Conrads | CEO | PROMECON

Hans-Georg Conrads started PROMECON GmbH in Magdeburg to develop measurement instrumentation for the Power, Cement and smelter industries. He has extensive experience in optimizing combustion processes for these industries, including management of baseline and performance testing for large clients such as EON or EDF.

Hans Conrads is the inventor and holder of numerous international patents and has received several German awards for innovative business development. He has been keynote speaker in power conferences in Europe, US, China, India, South Africa

Hans-Georg Conrads holds a degree of electrical engineering from Technical University (RWTH) of Aachen, Germany where he majored in digital signal processing and controls.