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ESP & Fabric Filter Considerations for Meeting Environmental Regulations: MATS, MACT, Regional Haze, and European BREF

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Regulations for emission control in U.S. and Europe continue to pose challenges for utilities and industrial plants.  To achieve compliance, plant owners and operators must consider a multi-component strategy for removing particulate matter, acid gases, mercury and other hazardous air pollutants.  

Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) are delivering maximum operating efficiency for emission control by combining different technologies such as Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI), wet and dry ESPs, fabric filters, Spray Dryer (SDA), Fluidized Bed Scrubbers, and wet FGDs.  A thorough assessment of the plant’s flue gas pollutant mix is critical to selecting the optimum combination of technologies to meet Utility MATS, Industrial MACT, Regional Haze and the European BREF at the lowest lifecycle cost. 

This informative webinar presented by Aaron Benedict and Jeffrey Shellenberger of Amec Foster Wheeler, will examine how ESPs and Fabric Filters can effectively be integrated into a multi-component Air Quality Control System.  Co-benefits of each technology will be addressed including:     

  • ESP & Fabric Filter design considerations for compliance strategies

  • Choosing the best combination of technologies based on the plant’s flue gas pollutants

  • Options for upgrading or retrofitting ESPs or Fabric Filters

  • Impact of DSI/ACI & additional PM loading on ESPs & Fabric Filters

  • Factors driving the selection of wet ESPs (PM2.5, sulfuric acid mist, plume/opacity control, etc.)

  • Considerations when converting from ESP to Fabric Filter

This webinar will also cover lessons learned from emission control technologies and strategies implemented in the U.S. and their applicability to meeting future European emission requirements. In addition, recent reference projects covering ESP and Fabric Filter installations will be discussed.

Attendees can ask additional questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.



Aaron Benedict | Proposal Manager | Amec Foster Wheeler

Aaron Benedict has been with Amec Foster Wheeler for over 10 years with primary involvement in the process design of particulate removal systems, mercury control devices and acid gases removal systems.  He is currently responsible for managing proposal compilation/content as well as the Electrostatic Precipitator product lines including product development, sizing and performance.


Jeffrey Shellenberger | Product Manager, Fabric Filters | Amec Foster Wheeler

Jeffrey Shellenberger has been with Amec Foster Wheeler for over 10 years.  Experience includes system development, bid preparation, contract negotiation, product development, cost estimating, testing, evaluation and troubleshooting for both utility and industrial fabric filters.




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