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How to Select a Process Specific Package Boiler for your Application?

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Package boilers are widely used in a variety of industries as a primary source of steam and equally as an emergency back-up to primary steam generating systems. As auxiliary boilers they can address several process requirements such as increasing the overall system steam availability for critical processes, and meet baseload, cycling, swing-load, and on-demand/emergency steam requirements.

Package boilers are utilized in a variety of power plants and industrial applications such as chemical & gas plants, petroleum refineries, cogeneration & combined cycle plants, cement, and pulp & paper manufacturing facilities.

Package Boilers Buying Tips – What to look for when buying?

Package boilers are bottom-supported steam generators that can be fully assembled at workshops and can be quickly delivered to the plant to meet tight project schedules. To ensure the appropriate selection of a package boiler specific to your process, it is critical to define the process conditions and duty cycles for steam demand.

This informative webinar by Tony Hawranko of Amec Foster Wheeler, will address key issues in specifying package boilers designed for specific process requirements such as:

  1. Analyzing the different “types” of process conditions that a package boiler would face

    1. Base load steam demand

    2. Intermittent (swing-load) steam demand

    3. Emergency steam demand / on-demand

    4. Other standby demands (Warm vs Hot standby, Annual, etc.)

  2. Understanding Level 2 process conditions such as pressure and temperature with reference to operating conditions

  3. Emission criteria and timeline to be met and its impact on design

  4. Permitting requirements & measurement conditions

  5. Operating fuel conditions (gaseous & liquid fuels)

  6. Boiler design, commissioning & constructability features

  7. Case studies that outline how different process conditions can be met by product design features

This webinar can help you make informed decisions about package boiler selection options by making certain the specifics are outlined properly to the OEM. Attendees can ask additional questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Developers

  • A&E Firms

  • O&M - Power Plant, Industrial Plants, Refineries

  • Boiler Engineers

  • EPC Companies

  • Construction & Commissioning



Tony Hawranko | Vice President, Industrial Services | Amec Foster Wheeler

Tony Hawranko is Vice President, Industrial Services for Amec Foster Wheeler. Tony brings over 20 years experience in the design and project development of industrial boiler projects for a range of fuels and applications. He has held various positions in engineering, commissioning, project development and management throughout his career. As Vice President, Industrial Services he is currently responsible for the coordination of industrial steam generator business line strategies and support for all global regions of Amec Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group.



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