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Increase Combustion Turbine Output & Profitability - Overcome Temperature, Altitude & Humidity Considerations

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This webinar can help you make informed decisions about improving the output and efficiency for both retrofit and new CT installations.  

Dubai Time: 02:00 PM | Accra: 10:00 AM | New Delhi: 03:30 PM | Bangkok: 05:00 PM

A combination of low natural gas prices and stringent environmental regulations has made natural gas a preferred fuel option for energy generation. Consequently, natural gas-fired combustion turbines in both simple cycle and combined cycle modes play an increasingly important role.

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In many markets, power generation assets are being pushed to capacity limits with increased demands for peaking and fast starts. While combustion turbines are efficient for the most part, their overall performance can be significantly affected by geography and climate - primarily high altitudes, high ambient temperatures, and elevated humidity.

Turbophase®, a combustion turbine upgrade package, has been successfully deployed in several global markets, enabling simple cycle or combined cycle plants to provide an additional 15% - 25% more power output within seconds depending on the plant configuration. 

Turbophase®, in its most basic configuration, consists of a multistage intercooled centrifugal compressor that delivers hot compressed air to the combustion turbine compressor discharge section.

This enables the combustion turbine to operate at its rated capacity regardless of the ambient conditions of humidity, temperature or altitude while addressing the quick-start and fast-response needs of a modern power grid.  Among other benefits are efficiency gains of 5 - 8% and longer combustion turbine parts life of 8,000+ hours.

This informative webcast, presented by Maik Hufft, Director of Commercial Operations for Powerphase International, will address specific topics including:

  • Turbophase System Description - How It Works
  • Expected Heat Rate Improvements
  • Response or Ramping Speed Improvements
  • Expected Longevity of Costly Turbine Components
  • Results from a GE Frame 6B Combustion Turbine Turbophase Installation
  • Turbophase ROI Projections for Middle Eastern and Asian Plants

This webinar presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.


  • Owners/Operators of Combustion Turbines at Electric Power Plants
  • Industrial Process Owners including Natural Gas Processing Plants, Refineries, Sugar, Textiles, etc.
  • Developers Planning to Install New Combustion Turbines
  • EPC Contractors
  • Operations & Maintenance Companies



Maik Hufft, Powerphase, TurboPhase, Webinar, Free, Combustion Turbine Efficiency

Maik Hufft | Director of Commercial Operations | Powerphase LLC

Maik Hufft, Director of Commercial Operations for Powerphase International LTD, has more than 17 years of experience in the power industry as Commissioning-, Field Service-, Operations- and General Manager in several positions globally. In his recent role Maik was responsible for Alstom’s Generator Service Business in the MEA-Region for all technologies, both Alstom and non-Alstom equipment, including the responsibility of a large service workshop in Dubai. Maik holds an electrical engineering degree with a major in Power Generation and Transmission.