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PetroPower – A High-Value, Strategic Energy Solution

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Most oil refineries blend vacuum tower residue with lighter petroleum liquids (kerosene, diesel, gas oil) to produce heavy fuel oils with significant sulfur levels (1-4%) which are sold as Bunker C fuel for ships. This blending step decreases the value yield from the crude since it uses higher value liquids to produce a lower value product. Tightening fuel sulfur and engine efficiency standards for ships from International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations are expected to put strong downward pressure on the demand for Bunker C maritime fuels beginning in 2020. Since the shipping industry consumes about 75% of the high sulfur heavy fuel oil (HSFO) produced in the world today, refiners will need to find ways to cut back HSFO production or see prices fall dramatically.

PetroPower is one solution that couples delayed coking with circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology to fully convert heavy refinery residues into valuable light products, power and steam. It eliminates the value-losing, vacuum residue blend step and provides a path for refiners to exit the HSFO market and diversify into growing power and steam markets.

Amec Foster Wheeler will conduct a free webinar presenting PetroPower technology and how it provides its highest value to regions which have both low delayed coking capacity and use a high level of oil fuels for power generation. PetroPower could boost their export of high value liquids while dramatically reducing their power generation cost.

Topics presented in the webinar will include:

  • How the value yield from crude oil can be greatly increased by 30% by eliminating blending of vacuum residuals with higher value refined products
  • How, compared to a simple refinery with an HFO power plant, the cost of power can be reduced by 44%
  • The value of producing a high heating value, low ash petcoke product that can be traded globally or used for fuel for CFB boilers to produce power
  • Illustration of attractive payback and internal rate of return for investment in delayed coking and CFB power
  • Regions that can benefit most from adoption of PetroPower – Middle East, Africa and Latin America

In addition, this webinar will provide a review of the operational experience of several refineries and power plants utilizing the PetroPower concept both in a fully integrated and open-market applications. Examples include the longest running PetroPower plant in the world where a 12 kbbl/day delayed coking facility coupled with to a 74 MWe CFB cogeneration plant provides both steam and power.

Attendees can ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar. Register today to secure your spot in this free webinar!

Who Should Attend:

  • Petroleum refinery executives and project developers
  • Independent power producers
  • Power project developers
  • Utility Management



Bob Giglio, Amec Foster Wheeler, Business Development

Robert Giglio | Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development | Amec Foster Wheeler

Robert is Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development for Amec Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group. He is responsible for market, product, and business strategy, strategic business development, and market forecasting for all business units within Amec Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group.

Robert is also chairman of Amec Foster Wheeler’s technology steering committee which oversees the direction of the Global Power Group's R&D and intellectual property strategy.

Robert started his career over 30 years ago with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.




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