Webcast Experts Helps Hundreds of Companies Learn about the Latest Technologies & Services in the Power Generation Industry

The energy industry is one of the most regulated in the United States. Companies in the industry face a myriad of challenges that are not present in other industries, and energy companies spend millions of dollars every year ensuring compliance. Webcast Experts produces and promotes energy webinars that provide easy access to training and informational presentations geared toward plant and corporate utility decision makers. This approach benefits both the attendees and presenters as it facilitates strong interaction without the need for costly travel, or managing of meeting times as all events are made accessible on-demand.

If you have an innovative technology or service applicable to the energy industry and would like to reach out to present to your target market please contact us! We have a clearly outlined three stage approach to working with solution providers to develop and present a webinar:

Phase One: Planning & Marketing

In the initial stage, Webcast Experts works with clients to determine the scope and goals of their energy webinar. In this step we create a timetable for the major webinar milestone is established and speakers are identified. Webcast Experts prepares the registration page and all of the invitation materials and markets the event through targeted campaigns.

Phase Two: Presentation & Moderation

In the presentation stage, Webcast Experts works with the speakers on a dry run to practice the content and provide feedback on the material. The Webcast Experts Production Team work with the speakers to manage timing and shape an event that is appealing and informational. During the live event the Production Team provides an introduction, moderates the Q&A sessions, facilitates discussion, and ensures the webinar stays on schedule.

Phase Three: Reporting & Follow-Up

The final stage follows-up with each registrant of the webinar one day after it is completed Webcast Experts analyzes performance metrics from the event and compiles a full report for the client including all contact information of registrants, summaries of audience interaction,.
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Continuing Success in the Energy Industry

Since its inception, Webcast Experts has focused on hosting webinars for the energy industry on topics ranging from the introduction of new products to educational courses and compliance training. Currently over 3,500 energy industry contacts from over 700 companies have enrolled in our workshops and webinars. Webcast Experts is a leader in webinars for the energy industry, and our commitment to high promoting and producing high quality webinars that meet the needs of companies and their employees will continue improve education and training in the industry. Contact Webcast Experts today to learn more.